Task & Project Management​

Manage your team from only one interface to simplify the logistics
and planning process of your event – avoid overwhelming your event planners
with endless to-do lists and spreadsheets! Create and assign tasks lists
to colleagues, external contacts, follow event progress and keep track
of costs, attendance and project progress.

Plan your project and be on top of your schedule.

From our dashboard, your events team can manage their time and follow colleagues activities. Say goodbye to delayed tasks and hello to better resource administration.

Work smarter with a powerful set of Features

Forecast realistic agenda, follow the plan and don’t struggle with last minute tasks.
Manage as many events as you’d like, at the same time, just by using our dashboard overview.

Smart task lists

Create new tasks or use templates from previous events. Establish categories, due dates, and priorities. No matter where you enter and track tasks in your planning workflow, all tasks will also be regrouped and listed under a single event dashboard so that you can know what needs to be done, by whom and at what date.

Assign team members

Assign people responsible for each task and send them alerts. You can also include external people since our solution lets you assign tasks to contacts (staff, vendors, volunteers, etc.) and filter tasks by who they are assigned to.

Track progress

Follow project evolution as well as team member progress, overdue tasks or what should be done next. Stick to event timelines, coordinate work assignments, meet deadlines, and improve collaboration within your event team.

Quick & Easy setup

Easily copy previous event templates including tasks, content, and emails to create new events within minutes.

Event activities monitoring

Follow event progress and keep track of costs, attendance, measure the success and much more.

The most comprehensive event management solution

Azavista can support the most demanding professional events in the world thanks to a suite of powerful tools.

Explore more modules. Mix and match.

What can we do for you? Mix and match the modules that suit your unique needs.

Azavista is unique in its offering for event workflows. Event organizers can quickly create a variety of workflows for all modules in the Azavista platform. Here you can think of participant approval processes, content approvals, event approvals, budget workflows and many more. The workflow module is built in such a way that even complex processes can be created by event organizers without the need of engineering and workflow specialists.
Manage your team from only one interface to simplify the logistics and planning process of your event – avoid overwhelming your event planners with endless to-do lists and spreadsheets! Create and assign tasks lists to colleagues, external contacts, follow event progress and keep track of costs, attendance and project progress.  
The right digital experience for your event with a fully branded event website. Leverage our simple but integrated content editing tool with our innovative templates, drag and drop elements, customizable fonts, and colors – or add a custom HTML, CSS or Javascript to promote your event in any way you can imagine.

Azavista gives you an integrated, real-time view of your participants list as well as the status of their registration, which can be easily edited and exported into different formats. By efficiently managing these aspects, you can carry out tasks and have better control over the access to the event activities.

Our CRM module allows you to manage a complete history of participants and organizations on all past and future events. It is completely customizable for your organization’s specific requirements. You can also use this module for campaigns and newsletters not connected to an event. 

Our Networking & Event app is not only quick and easy to set up but is also very powerful and fully customizable for your company branding. Improve the impact of your events with the best mobile experience, that provides your attendees with networking opportunities, and the right content before, during, and after your event. 

An essential part of the personal, high-quality event experience is having a fast and smooth quick check-in system. Participants are automatically checked-in by scanning a unique QR code generated for their tickets. Part of this solution is done by having badges automatically created and printed – for one attendee or for the entire guest list.

Allow your exhibitors to gather valuable information about the attendees that visit their stand by scanning the QR code from their badge. Exhibitors will have direct access to their new gathered leads so they can invite them for offside dinners and network events, outside of the official exhibition program.
Azavista collects data from every aspect of the event planning process to provide you with easy to understand insights that make it simple for you to make knowledgeable decisions. Check out the status of key planning variables by running instant online reports, exporting your data and sharing it with other team members. Set triggers and alerts also to other key stakeholders in your organization.
Setting up registration forms for participants, speakers, sponsors, approvals and many more is one of the best features of our platform. You can easily use various templates so that creating a new event can be done in 3 clicks. Or create advanced forms with multiple steps supporting any requirement you need. Ease of use, flexibility and ability to customize are constructed in such a way that no training is needed to realize amazing results.
Events programs often have a large variety of dynamics, that’s why you’re enabled to create, manage and schedule different event activities, such as workshops, small seminars, meetings and much more – all within your event. Also, you can make real-time updates, and allow participants to register for their preferred or required sessions.

Our easy-to-use and highly customizable registration process will comply with the highest security and privacy standards. Create beautiful mobile-responsive registration forms that align with your brand, decide on the means of payment made available to guests, and easily generate and send personalized invoices.

The event booking and planning of events with international guests often require to help them out with travel arrangements. Instead of sending endless emails to find the perfect quote that fits your needs – with Azavista you can export guest choices and respond to their requirements – without leaving the platform.
Our solution simplifies the process of managing your own event suppliers. As well as sourcing of new suppliers for your event and delivering visibility into total spend. Whether it’s a venue, catering, help or something else – you can source the best option while having more control over the time spent securing the right supplier.

All of your travel information will be connected to the relevant attendees and events, which makes it easier for you and your staff members to find and view critical information.

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