Participant Management​

By efficiently managing participants, you can carry out tasks faster and have better control over the access to different event activities. With the help of our powerful participant management tool, you can manage, segment and engage contacts in one place!

Keep track of everyone connected to your event

The participants management module is one of the core features of Azavista since it enables you
to keep information on anyone that you want to keep track of for your events.

Participant management features you're looking for

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. You can now have all of your event contacts in one place,
with a powerful suite of features to manage them in the most efficient manner possible.

Multiple participants types

Guests, VIP participants, speakers, panelists, workshop leaders - you benefit from a complete and integrated database of people involved in your event. You can select as much participant types as needed for your event, so you can later plan the rest of your activities based on that.

  • Predefined participant types
  • Create your own custom types
  • Add participants one by one or simply upload a file from your computer, Drive or Dropbox

Integrated overview of all participants

Keep track of information related to the attendee management, such as personal details, seating, invitations, RSVP status and much more. You can also choose to have a default overview of the data or a customized one - whichever fits best to your event’s unique needs.

  • One database for all contacts
  • Sort, filter and save filter set used
  • Advanced participant search

Smart participant lists


Sort or filter your participant list based on any criteria you choose. Segment your database to export the needed list, send the right message to the right audience, among other things. Azavista offers smart lists that automatically update in real time, making it easier to manage the entire process.

  • Versioning on participant snapshots
  • Contacts merging
  • Enable change alerts

Easily edit and modify participant


Access all of your participant's details and modify their registration selection, payment options, or invoicing details directly from the dashboard. It's up to you whether to do it yourself or give participants the ability to do this on their own.

  • Mass update participants in the form of editable cells
  • Manually change participants status one by one or in bulk
  • See participant updates and changes in real time


& Sharing

Easily export your list into a variety of file types. The best part is that you can filter the participants you want to export and choose the specific date you need. This list can later be used to generate quality leads for your upcoming events.

  • Save and name your export choices for future use
  • Share participant list with stakeholders via email

Improved participant management via team collaboration

Your list not only will have information about the participant and the details related to events they are attending or are invited to. Now, for each participant, you can add custom notes, add and assign tasks to your coworkers and even track progress.

  • Assign tasks to coworkers
  • Track progress

Several Integration Options

Sync all of your participant’s details in real time thanks to integrations with several other platforms. Import the data from other platforms to streamline your event planning and event marketing processes.

Plus many more features

Enable alerts when a certain change to a participant or a group of participants has been made.

Add participants by uploading different file types or import them from your Drive and Dropbox.

Email one, all or a selection of participants with fully customized and branded email templates.

Enable external parties to invite people to your event.

Choose for each event which invited or registered participants should be approved.

Supporting companies of any type and size

Azavista can support the most demanding professional events in the world thanks to a suite of powerful tools.

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