Exhibitor App

Since exhibitors at events often possess unique goals at conferences and trade shows, helping them engage and build relationships is a challenge every event professional faces. Ability to achieve that and increase exhibitor exposure are limited without a high-performing mobile exhibitor app.

Making events more valuable for exhibitors

Azavista Exhibitor app is the best way to help your exhibitors connect with attendees, manage their lead flow, measure the impact of their participation, and keep them coming back year after year.

Intelligent Leads

With our app, you can collect and analyze leads on any device! You can also gather info from multiple types of badges or by manual entry. We provide to your exhibitors the ability to determine the most qualified leads with customizable qualification questions that have branching logic.

  • Data collection
  • Branching logic

Integration with a variety of tools

The app integrates with CRM and marketing automation tools to allow display of marketing materials on the same device and send those files to interested prospects, adding an additional touch-point that serves as an easy, instantaneous follow-up to your face-to-face efforts.

  • Integrate with CRM and marketing automation tools

Why you should use Azavista Exhibitor App

Use a direct channel to engage with potential buyers, partners and business connections who are located in the same venue

Increase engagement with attendees and maximize your event performance

Forge long-term relationships and increase revenue

Decrease in printing costs of marketing material and be environmentally conscious

Trusted by the best in the business

We partner with the world’s leading brands to enable them to foster engagement and deeply connect with their attendees.

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