Event Workflows

Event organisers can quickly create a variety of workflows
for all modules in the Azavista platform. Here you can think of
participant approval processes, content approvals, event approvals,
budget workflows and many more.

Azavista is unique in its offering for event workflows

The workflow module is built in such a way that even complex processes can be created by event organizers without the need for engineering or workflow specialists!

Event Approvals

To streamline the entire planning process, users can simply insert event details and send a request for approval. Then, they just need to wait for a confirmation. This flow also include a budget approval layer which can be routed your finance team.

Participant Approvals

It is very easy to setup approval processes for participants or speakers. This workflow also allows other parties in our organisation to validate and review participants and speakers within one click.

Content Approvals

Do you require a content review by your marketing team by the event is published live, then our content approval workflow will be a great benefit. This workflow allows for a quick review and approval and shows clear indicators when content and design is different.

Plus many more features

Stop sending information back and forth
Managers can authorize and follow event requests and status, from only one interface.

Have more control over your processes 
Request Workflow forms can be hosted on business intranet systems to facilitate simple use and quick decisions. Designated users, organization wide, can request for events in an efficient way.

Multiple users within the organization
Azavista provides you with the capability to create users who will participate in planning your event, and manage those users’ options, rights and capabilities.
User roles and constraints
Organizations can specify roles for each user by setting responsibilities and constraints for users’ activities throughout the conference planning process.
Permission obtainment
Each event status’ can be reviewed and each event detail can be checked accordingly. Based on that, events within an organization can be either authorized or denied.
Start Planning
Receive a notification when your request is approved and start planning.

Suite of Powerful Tools

Azavista can support the most demanding professional events in the world thanks to a suite of powerful tools.

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